T-H Marine Supplies | CMC Marine | Innovative Plastics

T-H Marine Supplies, Inc.

T-H Marine is the parent of our family of manufacturing companies. We are headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. T-H Marine is a Tier 1 boat accessory manufacturer that supplies product to virtually every boat manufacturer in the United States and many abroad. T-H Marine products are also available through every boat parts distributor and boat dealer in the United States. Aftermarket parts are also available through all major marine retail chains and catalogs.


CMC Marine, Inc.

CMC Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-H Marine. CMC is located in Duncan, Oklahoma. CMC was formed in 2008, when T-H Marine purchased they assets of Cook Manufacturing Corporation. CMC is a manufacturing company, specializing in machined metal products and hydraulic actuators. CMC produces products for the marine industry, the oilfield industry, and industrial hydraulic markets.


Innovative Plastics, Inc.

Innovative Plastics is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-H Marine. Innovative is located in Madison, Alabama. Innovative was purchased by T-H Marine in 1999. Innovative is a manufacturing company, specializing in custom plastic injection molding, injection mold building, and contract manufacturing. Innovative produces custom products for companies in a large variety of industries, including automotive, recreational boating, consumer products, medical equipment, electronics, outdoor products, sporting goods, toys, pool and spa, and various industrial equipment markets.