HydroWave H2 Systems

The HydroWave H2 is a Marine Audio Device based on the reactive senses of a Bass and other predatory fish. It delivers the latest in patented, sound emitting technology, effectively imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities. Research has proven these sounds stimulate feeding impulses in game fish.

The HydroWave H2 is used by over 95% of professional anglers.

Available in several models optimized for your fish of choice.

Each H2 features:

  • Multiple Sound Patterns 
  • Waterproof Speaker 
  • 16 bit, CD quality Sound 
  • Expansion port for additional sounds 
  • 5 pre-programmed delay options (15/30/45/60/120) 
  • 14’ speaker cord with 6’ power cord
  • Lateral & Vibration Reaction Technology 
  • 2.5" Liquid Display 
  • Made in the USA 

Package Content

  • H2 Unit 
  • Waterproof Speaker with 14' Cord 
  • Speaker Mounting Hardware
  • User Guide & Warranty Card

Base Sounds for each Model


Power Pattern

Shad Passive

Shad Passive Shad Passive
Bait Blitz Shad Frenzy Shad Frenzy Shad Frenzy
Delayed Schooling Shad Schooling Shad Schooling Shad Schooling
Schooling Blitz Skip Jack/Herring Passive

Shad Spawning

Shad Spawning
Surface Bait Skip Jack/Herring Frenzy Shad Blitz

Perch Passive

Spawning Bait Skip Jack/Herring Schooling Shad Surface Perch Bedding


Bream/Sunfish Passive

Shad Deep

Perch Frenzy

Ultra Finesse Bream/Sunfish Frenzy Shad Ultra-Finesse Crawfish Passive
Feeding Frenzy Bream/Sunfish Schooling Shad Finesse Crawfish Frenzy
Deep Bait      
Crawfish on Gravel Finesse      
Crawfish on Sand Finesse      
Blue Back Finesse      
Blue Back Frenzy      
Bream Bed      
Active Pads      
Product Name Price Qty
Hydrowave - KVD H2 System Package
Hydrowave Mr. Crappie H2 System Package
HydroWave Catfish
HydroWave H2 Inshore Saltwater
HydroWave Walleye
HydroWave Bass

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